Elias VanGorder (Civil War Veteran) Pension File

Elias VanGorder, father of Lafayette VanGorder,  applied for “Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension” on December 20, 1889.  He enrolled on the 8th day of February 1863 in Company M of the 5th Regiment of the New York Calvary and is discharged in Winchester, Virginia on the 19th day of July 1865.

The document then states while Elias was on duty at Berryville, Virginia on or about August of 1863 he was disabled by rheumatism and in the summer or fall of 1864 incurred rupture of the right side. He swore to in the Declaration even though he was disabled with rheumatism he stayed with the Regiment.

Then in the summer or fall of 1864 he was in a skirmish with Early’s men near Cedar Creek. Jubal Early, a Commander of the Confederate Army, was head of the Confederate Infantry.  Early served under Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. He led the battles being fought in the Shenandoah Valley from May to October, 1864. During the skirmish at Cedar Creek Elias’ horse was shot by a Confederate soldier. The horse fell and pinned Elias on his right side.  After the horse was removed from him, he was unable to walk and carried back to camp. Testimonies from Kelsey Wiltse and Lancelot B. Ferbush support his account of the horse being shot, falling on Elias and he being unable to walk after the horse was removed.

After affidavits from neighbors, doctors and the post master declaring he was a good man and unable to work, his claim was accepted and he was given $8.00 per month beginning January 6, 1890.  He then refiled for an increase and received $10.00 beginning on August 20, 1891.

The jackpot of this packet is Elias’ wife Margaret filed for a Widows Pension after his death, October 16, 1891.

“On November 17, 1891 she applied for a pension as widow of Elias Vangorder who served during the late War of the Rebellion.  Elias died October 16, 1891 of cancer of the stomach and she has no other means of support than her daily labor.  Margaret Newgent and Elias Vangorder on the lst day of August 1853 were married by Esquire Smith at Oswego, New York. There are no children under the age of 16 and all his eight children, living, are over the age of 16 by this woman.”

Margaret was unable to provide a marriage certificate.  Affidavits were submitted by neighbors stating Elias and Margaret were living as man and wife for many years.  There is one affidavit by Orlando Winans of Owego, New York stated Elias was working for him.  Mr. Williams attested on August 1, 1853 Elias hired a harness and horse to use to go and get married.  Elias returned that evening with Margaret as his wife.  They slept in the house of Orlando Winans that night.  They remained at the Winan home for many days.  Orlando has know Margaret for many years and she did not remarry after Elias’ death.

Margaret was given a $8.00 pension commencing November 23, 1891.  June 25, 1892 she received an increase of $10.00 per month.  At her death March 10, 1910 she was receiving $12.00 per month.

Also included in the packet was Application for Reimbursement filed by Lillian Japhet on April 10, 1912.  She is applying for reimbursement from the accrued pension for expenses paid (or obligation incurred) by Lillian Japhet for the last sickness and for the burial of Margaret VanGorder.

Charles H. VanGorder was the Administrator of Margaret VanGorder’s estate.  The lawyer for the estate J.S. Gross sent an affidavit along with the Reimbursement application.  Attorney Gross sold the lot in Owego, New York with a dilapidated shanty at public auction for $240.00.  After expenses paid only $20.00 was realized from the sale.  The attorney was unable to find any other assets and could not pay Lillian Japhet her expenses incurred from the estate.

Margaret was cared for by her daughters Lillian M. Japhet, Lulu Heath, and Frances Davis. During her last illness she lived with her daughter Frances Davis in Lestershire, NY.

Expenses incurred:  Paid $3.00 to Dr. L.A. Walker, the Undertaker King Spencer was paid $50.00 by County of Broome with a balance upaid of $30.00 and the casket and burial were $96.00.

On July 12, 1924 a letter was sent to Lillian disallowing the claim. “The pensioner left assets consisting of real estate upon which was realized $240.00 which with the $50.00 paid by the State are sufficient to meet the expenses of her last sickness and burial.”

What I did note in this packet: Elias and Margaret could not write.  Barzillia (Barzilla) Howard was a witness to many of the papers filed by Elias and Margaret.  At one point Elias appointed Mr. Howard to act as his attorney. Barzillia may have been the owner of a rake factory in Union, New York.  He must have thought well of Elias and Margaret and they of him – a true friendship.

Ancestors not to be forgotten.

The Lucius Bennett Family

Lucius Bennett, born June 5, 1840, is the oldest son of Philo and Ambrosia Clark Bennett.

Philo, born around 1815, is the son of Lewis and Charlotte Bennett.  Lewis Bennett was born 1786 in Rensselaer County, New York and Charlotte was born 1789 in Connecticut.  Lewis and family are living in Windsor in the 1820 census. Philo’s brothers, Lewis Jr, (born 1816) and John (born 1830), and sister Mary (born 1832) were born in Broome County.  Lewis and Charlotte are buried in Windsor Village Cemetery.  Lewis passes in 1860 and Charlotte dies in 1865.

Lucius’ mother, Ambrosia Clark, born 1818, is the daughter of Evans and Roxina Clark.  Evans was born 1791 in Connecticut. Ambrosia has one sister Amelia who was born 1814. The Federal 1820-1840 census for Evans Clark has sons listed, but cannot find additional information.  From the same census’ Roxina was born between 1790 and 1800. Amelia marries Philo Andrus and they are childless. The Federal 1850 Census Evans is living with Amelia and Philo.  Evans has a headstone in the Mountain View Cemetery and Roxina may also be buried there with him. There is no headstone for her.

Lucius’ siblings are Laura Amelia born November, 1842; Roxanna (Roxie) born October, 1849; Henry born 1851; and Philo, Jr. born June, 1853.

Laura marries James Heath in the year 1862 and they have three sons: Charles, George, Frank and one daughter Myrtle. Charles born 1865 marries Ella in 1894 and they have two sons Laurel and Lynn.  Laurel is a war hero during WWI and receives the DSC.  Lynn dies at the young age of 20 years in 1918.  George born 1869 marries Emma J Fineout.  They have nine children: James, Kenneth, Marion, Bernice, Muriel, Gordon, Ronald, Harold and George. Myrtle born 1874 marries William A Watrous and they have one daughter, Ruth born 1902.  Frank born 1876 marries Luella VanGorder.  Luella is the daughter of Elias and Margaret VanGorder and sister of Lafayette VanGorder. They have three daughters: Marguerite, Lillian and Juanita.

Roxanna marries Jennings Potter in 1873 and they are childless.  Henry marries Edith Andrus in 1880.  After Edith dies in 1907 he then marries Ann Frost. No children are born in either marriage.  Philo Jr. marries Sarah Spearbeck in 1881.They  have 6 children but only one survives, LM Bennett.

Lucius was married three times.  He married his first wife Jane Andrus before or around 1860. Jane was born April 1, 1839 in Windsor, New York.  Her parents are Joseph and Lucy Phillips Andrus. Joseph could be the brother of Amelia’s husband Philo.  Lucius and Jane have four sons: George (born 1862)  Edward (born 1865), Willard (born 1867) and Dwight (born 1871).

The Bennett, Andrus, and Clark families live in the same area and were close.  Lucius’ father Philo passed in 1853.  In the Federal 1860 census Henry and Philo, Jr. are living with Lucius and Jane.  Also living with them is baby Ada Andrus, Jane’s niece.  Ada is the daughter of Erastus Andrus, Jane’s brother. Ambrosia is living her sister and brother-in-law, Amelia and Philo Andrus. As for Lucius’ sisters Laura Amelia and Roxanna, am unable to find in the 1860 Census. The NYS 1865 Census Roxanna is living with her aunt and uncle Amelia and Philo Andrus. In the 1875 Census Ambrosia, Henry and Philo, Jr are living together in Windsor. In the 1880 Census Ambrosia and Henry are living together not far from Lucius.  Philo is living in the Charles and Ada Babcock home working as a painter.  The 1892 NYS Census has Edward, his wife Eva and their child Flossie, Ambrosia, Lucius, Rhoda, and Anna living together.

Jane dies March 31, 1876 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery. In 1877 Lucius marries Maria Harris, who was born January, 1849 in Chenango County. Her parents are George and Emily Harris. George is born May, 1812 in Vermont and Emily is born Sept. 16, 1834, Chenango County.  They have four children:  Maria; George born 1854; Ralph born 1856 and John born 1860.  Cannot find information on George or John. Maria’s father passes in November 27, 1869 and her mother passes August 7, 1876.  George and Emily are buried in the New Ohio Cemetery, Port Crane, New York.

Ralph Harris (Maria’s brother) marries Ella Thomas, born 1865, in Walton, New York.  They have seven children:  Henry (1885), Frank (1888), Edgar (1890) were born in Hayes, Nebraska; Effie Jane (1892) and Harlan (1893) were born in Shelton, Washington; Ruby (1902) and Walter (1904) were born in Masonville, New York. Ralph is listed as a farmer in the Nebraska 1885 Census. In the Federal 1900 Census Ralph’s occupation is oysterman when living in Shelton, Washington.  They move back to Masonville, New York in the 1905 NYS Census.

Maria and Lucius have two daughters Rhoda Jane born June 5, 1878 and Anna Belle born November 28, 1885.

George, the oldest son of Lucius and Jane, marries Harriett Garrett in the year 1881.  They have five children: Lena born 1884 who marries Vance Watson; Ernest Floyd born 1891 marries Harriett Elwell; Mina born 1894 marries Arthur Kenyon; Raymond born 1899; and Fannie born 1909 who dies in 1914. George passes in 1927 and Harriett in 1940 both are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery

Edward, second son of Lucius and Jane, has been married three times. In the NYS 1892 Census he is married to Evelyn and they have a daughter Florence (Flossie) born March, 1890. The Federal 1900 census records they have been married for 11 years. In the 1910 Census he is married to Sarah and they have been married three years. The NYS 1915 Census Edward is living with Lucius and his third wife Ann.  In the Federal 1920 Census Edward is married to Stella Williams.  Edward is the third husband of Stella. There are Wooster and Hall children living with Edward and Stella. Florence, his daughter, marries Joseph Bunnell around 1908.

Willard was born Feb. 6, 1867 and died at the age of four years, Aug. 17, 1871.  Dwight was born Nov. 22, 1871 and died Aug. 17, 1889.  They are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery.

September 22, 1888 Marie passes away.  A mention of the funeral is in the Broome Republican, October 4, 1888 issue.

Mrs Lucius Bennett Obit, Broome Republican, Oct 4 1888 (2)

According to the Elmira Gazette published October 26, 1892 Ambrosia is living with friends in Kirkwood, New York. Her friends and family cannot care for her and send her to the Almshouse in Binghamton. She doesn’t want to leave her friends, but goes with the Poormaster.  On the way to the Almshouse the horses are frightened by the automobiles and become uncontrollable. The Poormaster, Elias Lee, finally gets control and turns the horses into the Langdon Farm Yard.  By some freak accident a cherry tree branch stabs her in the temple and she dies.  The following article is quite graphic about the wound.  She is buried in Windsor Village Cemetery with her husband Philo.

Ambrosia Bennett Elmira Gazette Oct 26 1892 a (2)

December 20, 1899 Lucius marries widow Ann Dibble in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.  Ann’s first husband is James Dibble who died in 1895 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery.

Rhoda Jane marries Lafayette VanGorder in 1900.  They have three children, Leotta Mildred born Dec. 2, 1902 and twin fraternal sons, Richard and Roland born May 12, 1904.  Lafayette is a divorced man and his first wife is Della Cook. They have one son Allen VanGorder born September 11, 1886.  Rhoda and Lafayette are buried in the Virgil Cemetery.

Anna  marries Harry Bowman July 12, 1911 in Lester, New York.  Anna is Harry’s second wife. Harry is a widower and has two sons with his first wife Emma VanPatten, who died in 1909.  George born 1901 marries Nina Seward and they have three children: Harley, Byron and Emma. Harold born 1904 marries Florence Brink and have 2 children: Richard and Beverly.

Anna and Harry have four sons: Kenneth born 1913 and who passes in 1993.  Douglas (born 1914) marries Mildred Oakley. Douglas dies in Orange, Florida in 1990.  Harris (born 1916) marries Cathryna Winfield and they have three sons Gordon, Edward and Hector.  Stanley (born 1926) tragically dies in a car crash in 1947.  Anna and Harry operate the Lester Telephone Exchange.

Ann Dibble Bennett passes in 1911 and is buried with her first husband, James Dibble, in the Riverside Cemetery.  Lucius passes in 1919 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery with his wives, Jane and Maria.

Lucius Bennett’s family has been in the Broome County area since the early 1800’s.  He seems to have been a quiet man and loyal to his family.

Ancestors not to be forgotten.