Tryphena Stone Harper

Tryphena is the third born of seven children.  Her parents Charles Stone, Jr.  and Polly Springs were married in the year 1782, Stockbridge, Mass.  Tryphena was born in Dedham, Mass. Sept. 15, 1787.  Her siblings were Harriett (born 1783 in New York), Lura (born 1785 in Mass.), Robert (born 1789 in New York), Jared (born 1794 in New York), Maria (born 1796 in New York)  and Sophronia (born 1799 in New York).

She was named after her grandmother Tryphena Collins Stone.  Some of her granddaughters in the generations to come will be named after her.

Charles and Polly had at one time lived in the Mohawk Valley after their marriage. But then moved back to Mass. because of Polly’s illness.  Polly would stay with her parents until 1791, after which she and Charles moved to Broome County, New York.  Tryphena was four years old when they moved to New York.

Tryphena met Oliver Harper in Chenango, New York and they married December 22, 1805.  They had 8 children: Alexander Hamilton (born 1807), George Washington (born 1809), Ruth Maria (born 1811), Charles Stone (born 1813), unnamed daughter (born 1815), Harriett (born 1816), John Marvin (born 1818), and Betsey (born 1824).

After 19 years of marriage Oliver was tragically murdered (May 24, 1824) in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania by Jason Treadwell. Many articles have been written about the circumstances and trial.  The grief Phena and the children must have felt at this sudden loss was overwhelming.  Betsey was born two months before her father died.

Oliver Harper’s will appointed John T. Doubleday as executor to the estate and Phena guardian for the five younger children, Ruth, Charles, Harriett, John and Betsey.  Alexander and George were of age and chose their mother to be their guardian.  Hopefully the land sold by Mr. Doubleday would support Phena and her children.

Phena’s next tragedy would be the death of her oldest son, Alexander.  Alexander had moved to Washington, D.C. in the 1840’s to take a position working as a file clerk.  He then moved to Mariposa, California for the gold rush in 1850. As he was moving his belongings from a flood damage area to higher grounds, he accidentally shot himself.

George and John had moved to Ontario, Canada.  George married Mary Misener and they had four children:  Tryphena, Hannah, George and Nicholas.  He remained and died in Canada in the year 1863.  Another son who Tryphena has outlived.

John moves back to New York  and marries Ruth Ann Harris around 1845. They produced seven children:  Maryette, Warren, Alexander, John, Ella, Harriet and Betsey.  John passed in 1898 in Fenton, New York.

Ruth marries William Hopkins June 11, 1835.  They have eight children: Harriett, Josephine, Oliver, William, Mary, Tryphena, Alexander and Samuel. They move to Illinois in the late 1850’s.  Ruth passes away in Oswego, Illinois in 1863. Another child Phena has outlived.

Charles may have married but cannot find documentation.  He lived with his mother and sister Betsey.  He passed away in the year 1886, Chenango, New York.

Harriett marries Joseph H. Davis Feb. 11, 1839.  They have four children: Charles, George, Jennie (Betsey) and Oliver.   In the 1910 census Harriett and Betsey are living with her daughter Jennie Davis Lee.  Harriett passes in 1910.

Betsey does not marry and lives with her mother until Tryphena passes in 1878.  Newspaper clippings have her visiting and living with her nieces and nephews.  Betsey passes in 1911.

Phena Harper Will Family Search - Broome Wills Admin, Vol 6-7

Phena Harper Will
Family Search – Broome Wills Admin, Vol 6-7

She leaves her possessions to Charles, John, and Betsey, and an additional $50.00 to be paid to her grandson Samuel A. Hopkins.  Phena specifically left her bible, gold watch and dog to Betsey.  Finding the bible would bring joy to Phena’s GG grandchildren.

An ancestor not to be forgotten.