Sadie Feiam Lee Hobbs

Sadie Feiam Lee and her husband, Louis Hobbs, lived the life of gypsies having lived in six states.

She was born March, 1881 in Binghamton, New York.  After she was born her father, Charles Lee, moved the family to Marine (Marine on St. Croix), Minnesota.  Since Charles was a Railroad Engineer and there was a lumber boom Washington County, he was able to find work.

In October,1900 she married Louis Hobbs.  Louis was from Tennessee and born in 1865.  His parents are John and Lucinda Hobbs.  In the 1900 Census both Sadie and Louis are living in Minneapolis.  She was a servant and he a factory worker.

Their first son Lloyd was born in Minneapolis,  September 11, 1901.

Leslie, the second son,  was born in St. Louis, Missouri, June 12, 1904.

In the 1905 MN Census they are back living in St. Paul, MN.  In the Census Louis and Sadie’s names are blacked out so their status and occupation are unreadable.

Then, they moved to North Dakota with other members of the Lee Family – Alice (Sadie’s sister) and her husband August Dahlquist bought a farm in Kidder County and Charles (her father) bought land also.

Louis Hobbs, Sadie & Louis’ third son,  was born in North Dakota in 1909.  There is no birth certificate recorded in North Dakota for Louis. His state of birth is found in the census.

An article in the Bismark Daily Tribune dated January 9, 1910 relates a L. J. Hobbs, a horse thief, who escaped from the Steele jail.  This is the same area the Lee, Dahlquist and Hobbs family settled.  It sounds as if Louis is a lovable scoundrel.

Horse Thief breaks Jail.

Horse Thief breaks Jail.

Sadie’s father, Charles died in 1909 and her mother, Libbie (Elizabeth),  passed February 23, 1910.  Sadie was listed as the informant on Elizabeth’s death certificate.

Louis and his family may have escaped to Georgia where their 4th son, Roy, was born January 27, 1912.  The only record found of Roy’s birth is in the 1920 US Census, when they finally settled in Kentucky.   Also an adopted daughter, Ella, is listed in the census.

It was also a sad time for them Lloyd, their eldest son, died in a mining accident February. 17, 1917.  He is buried in the Webb Cemetery in Letcher County, Kentucky.

L Lloyd Hobbs Head Stone, Webb Cemetery

The 1930 US Census has them living in Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky.  Louis, along with sons Louie and Roy, are working in the coal mines. Leslie is working on a farm.  Ella is not listed so she may have married.

Louis passed away in Letcher, Kentucky on December 11, 1937.  Roy, his son, was the informant.

Louis J Hobbs Obit,  Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 23, 1937 (2)

Louis was a widower at the time of his death. No information of Sadie’s death, date or burial can be found.

Leslie and Roy moved to Michigan and information for Louis is unreliable.

The Hobbs family had lived in Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Georgia and Kentucky.  Sadie was born in New York, Louis born in Tennessee.  The parents and  their sons were well-traveled.

Ancestors not to be forgotten.