Jerimiah Hess Yocum

Jerimiah Hess Yocum is the son of William Wilson Yocum and Deborah Priest Yocum.  He was born March 22, 1828 in Sugarloaf, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. William and Deborah have four children: Elijah (born 1826), Jerimiah, David Wilson (born 1830) and Margaret (born 1833).

Jerimiah may have been named after a Revolutionary War soldier Jeremiah Hess.  The Hess family have lived in the Sugarloaf area since the late 1780’s.  The Hess family, Levi Priest (Deborah’s father), Peter Yocum (William’s father) and William Wilson (Peter Yocum’s father in law) were members of the Saint Gabriel’s church in the early 1800’s. The families were also connected by the marriage of Catherine Hess to Samuel Priest (Deborah’s brother) in 1833.  They had six children: Dorothy, Levi, Hannah, Sarah, Mary, and Virginia. After Samuel died in 1850 Catherine marries James Yocum (William’s brother) in 1852 and they had three children: Martha, Lot and Daniel.

Jerimiah’s first wife is Martha S. Goodwin and they marry October 2, 1853.  Martha was born 1830 in Luzerne County. Her parents may be Daniel and Rebecca Goodwin.  Jerimiah and Martha have one child Mordecai Jackson born May 20, 1856 in Moreland, Pennsylvania. Martha passed away in November, 1860.  The Federal 1860 census (Franklin Township, Lycoming County) records Jerimiah living with the Samuel Thomas family and working as a blacksmith.  Some of the 1860 census is unreadable and cannot find where Martha and Mordecai are living.  In the 1870 census Mordecai is living with his father and second wife Julia and he is triaining to be a blacksmith.

Julia Mingle marries Jerimiah March 6, 1862. Julia was born September 17, 1845 in Moreland, Pennsylvania.  Her parents are David and Martha Farnsworth Mingle.  They have two children: Julia and John (born 1847).

Jerimiah and Julia lived all their lives in Lycoming County.  They have 11 children:  Martha (born 1862), David (born 1865), Mary Alice (born 1867), John (born 1868), William Wilson (born 1871), Elwood (born 1873), Emma (born 1877), Harry (born 1880), Herbert (born 1882), Clyde Raymond (born 1883), and Margaret (born 1887).

The names William, Elwood, Clyde, Raymond, John and Harry will be used in future generations.  William Wilson, my Great Grandfather, named his sons:  Raymond Dela (born 1890), Leslie Wilson (born 1891), Clarence William (born 1893), Elwood Ernest (born 1895), and Frederick Alvin (born 1897).  My Grandfather Raymond D. named his sons: Raymond William (born 1928), Richard Elwood (born 1933), Frederick Roland (born 1935), Clyde Nelson (born 1940) and Kenneth Albert (born 1942).

Mordecai has one son Maynard Jasper.  Mordecai and his wife Hannah Dorothy Keeler move to Waller, Columbia County. They have seven daughters: Margaret, Anna, Carrie Mae, Bessie, Julia, Bertha, and Dorothy.  Mordecai is a blacksmith and farmer.  He dies in 1939 and is buried in Waller Cemetery with his wife Hannah who died in 1949.

Jerimiah died April 21, 1890 and is buried in the Moreland Baptist Cemetery.  Julia is living with Margaret in the 1900 Federal census. Margaret was three years old when her father died.  In the 1910 Census Julia is living with Clyde.  Margaret is also living with Clyde.  She has married John Sommers and they have two sons: Austen and Herbert.

Julia passes December 21, 1915.  She is buried with Jerimiah in the Moreland Baptist Cemetery.

In most of the death certificates of Julia and Jerimiah’s children the name given for their father is Jerry Yocum.

The first photo is Jerimiah’s headstone, the second photo is Yocum lot in Moreland Baptist Cemetery and the third photo is Julia’s death certificate.

Ancestors not to be forgotten.

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