Rosanna Noble

Last year we were on our way to buy eggs from the Miller farm. We have traveled this dirt road for about 5 or 6 years.  And to our surprise on this July 29th 2017 we saw a headstone under a lone tree.  Of course we stopped.  The stone was carefully placed against the tree and the burial area was neat and tidy.



The stone read “Rosanna” wife of Daniel Noble died unreadable.  My husband Alex did make out the year 1858.  Following is Rosanna’s story:

Rosanna is the daughter of Mark Noble and Susannah Bush.  Her parents were born in Massachusetts and moved to Venango County, Pennsylvania in 1814.  Rosanna is the fourth born of eleven children.  Her birth date is February 11, 1812.

She married Daniel Drake Noble April 7, 1831.  Daniel is the son of Elijah and Mary Drake Noble and born in Massachusetts. Daniel settled in Hickory Township, Pennsylvania in 1830 and farmed most of his life.

Rosanna and Daniel had nine children.  Susannah born 1832, Loren in 1834, Mark III in 1836, Mary in 1839, Julia Ann in 1841, Emeline in 1845, William in 1848, Christiana in 1853 and Olive in 1856.

Olive was placed in a hospital for insane because of her epileptic fits. On a monthly basis a report was given in the The Forest Replublican about the inmates.  Most of the reports for Olive were being tired and weak after a seizure (paper reported them as fits). Otherwise she was very pleasant.  In 1901 it was reported she spent a month at the home of relatives.  Olive passed in 1929 at the age of 72 years of pneumonia.  She was living in the Forest County Home.

After Roseanna’s death Daniel married widow Catherine Wolcott Myers.  Catherine has a daughter Anna and a son Jacob from her first marriage.  Together Daniel and Catherine  have two sons Joseph (1861) and George (1868).  Catherine died in 1892 at her daughter’s home.  She is buried in Church Hill Cemetery, Forest County, Pennsylvania.

Daniel retires from farming  in Hickory Township, Pennsylvania. He then lives with his daughter Julia Noble Hunter until he passes at the age of 87 years. He was very well thought of and is called “Father Noble.”  He is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Tionesta, Pennsylvania.

Rosanna is not an ancestor of our families. She was buried in a field with a head stone to mark her passing.  I did not want her to be forgotten.



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