The Lucius Bennett Family

Lucius Bennett, born June 5, 1840, is the oldest son of Philo and Ambrosia Clark Bennett.

Philo, born around 1815, is the son of Lewis and Charlotte Bennett.  Lewis Bennett was born 1786 in Rensselaer County, New York and Charlotte was born 1789 in Connecticut.  Lewis and family are living in Windsor in the 1820 census. Philo’s brothers, Lewis Jr, (born 1816) and John (born 1830), and sister Mary (born 1832) were born in Broome County.  Lewis and Charlotte are buried in Windsor Village Cemetery.  Lewis passes in 1860 and Charlotte dies in 1865.

Lucius’ mother, Ambrosia Clark, born 1818, is the daughter of Evans and Roxina Clark.  Evans was born 1791 in Connecticut. Ambrosia has one sister Amelia who was born 1814. The Federal 1820-1840 census for Evans Clark has sons listed, but cannot find additional information.  From the same census’ Roxina was born between 1790 and 1800. Amelia marries Philo Andrus and they are childless. The Federal 1850 Census Evans is living with Amelia and Philo.  Evans has a headstone in the Mountain View Cemetery and Roxina may also be buried there with him. There is no headstone for her.

Lucius’ siblings are Laura Amelia born November, 1842; Roxanna (Roxie) born October, 1849; Henry born 1851; and Philo, Jr. born June, 1853.

Laura marries James Heath in the year 1862 and they have three sons: Charles, George, Frank and one daughter Myrtle. Charles born 1865 marries Ella in 1894 and they have two sons Laurel and Lynn.  Laurel is a war hero during WWI and receives the DSC.  Lynn dies at the young age of 20 years in 1918.  George born 1869 marries Emma J Fineout.  They have nine children: James, Kenneth, Marion, Bernice, Muriel, Gordon, Ronald, Harold and George. Myrtle born 1874 marries William A Watrous and they have one daughter, Ruth born 1902.  Frank born 1876 marries Luella VanGorder.  Luella is the daughter of Elias and Margaret VanGorder and sister of Lafayette VanGorder. They have three daughters: Marguerite, Lillian and Juanita.

Roxanna marries Jennings Potter in 1873 and they are childless.  Henry marries Edith Andrus in 1880.  After Edith dies in 1907 he then marries Ann Frost. No children are born in either marriage.  Philo Jr. marries Sarah Spearbeck in 1881.They  have 6 children but only one survives, LM Bennett.

Lucius was married three times.  He married his first wife Jane Andrus before or around 1860. Jane was born April 1, 1839 in Windsor, New York.  Her parents are Joseph and Lucy Phillips Andrus. Joseph could be the brother of Amelia’s husband Philo.  Lucius and Jane have four sons: George (born 1862)  Edward (born 1865), Willard (born 1867) and Dwight (born 1871).

The Bennett, Andrus, and Clark families live in the same area and were close.  Lucius’ father Philo passed in 1853.  In the Federal 1860 census Henry and Philo, Jr. are living with Lucius and Jane.  Also living with them is baby Ada Andrus, Jane’s niece.  Ada is the daughter of Erastus Andrus, Jane’s brother. Ambrosia is living her sister and brother-in-law, Amelia and Philo Andrus. As for Lucius’ sisters Laura Amelia and Roxanna, am unable to find in the 1860 Census. The NYS 1865 Census Roxanna is living with her aunt and uncle Amelia and Philo Andrus. In the 1875 Census Ambrosia, Henry and Philo, Jr are living together in Windsor. In the 1880 Census Ambrosia and Henry are living together not far from Lucius.  Philo is living in the Charles and Ada Babcock home working as a painter.  The 1892 NYS Census has Edward, his wife Eva and their child Flossie, Ambrosia, Lucius, Rhoda, and Anna living together.

Jane dies March 31, 1876 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery. In 1877 Lucius marries Maria Harris, who was born January, 1849 in Chenango County. Her parents are George and Emily Harris. George is born May, 1812 in Vermont and Emily is born Sept. 16, 1834, Chenango County.  They have four children:  Maria; George born 1854; Ralph born 1856 and John born 1860.  Cannot find information on George or John. Maria’s father passes in November 27, 1869 and her mother passes August 7, 1876.  George and Emily are buried in the New Ohio Cemetery, Port Crane, New York.

Ralph Harris (Maria’s brother) marries Ella Thomas, born 1865, in Walton, New York.  They have seven children:  Henry (1885), Frank (1888), Edgar (1890) were born in Hayes, Nebraska; Effie Jane (1892) and Harlan (1893) were born in Shelton, Washington; Ruby (1902) and Walter (1904) were born in Masonville, New York. Ralph is listed as a farmer in the Nebraska 1885 Census. In the Federal 1900 Census Ralph’s occupation is oysterman when living in Shelton, Washington.  They move back to Masonville, New York in the 1905 NYS Census.

Maria and Lucius have two daughters Rhoda Jane born June 5, 1878 and Anna Belle born November 28, 1885.

George, the oldest son of Lucius and Jane, marries Harriett Garrett in the year 1881.  They have five children: Lena born 1884 who marries Vance Watson; Ernest Floyd born 1891 marries Harriett Elwell; Mina born 1894 marries Arthur Kenyon; Raymond born 1899; and Fannie born 1909 who dies in 1914. George passes in 1927 and Harriett in 1940 both are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery

Edward, second son of Lucius and Jane, has been married three times. In the NYS 1892 Census he is married to Evelyn and they have a daughter Florence (Flossie) born March, 1890. The Federal 1900 census records they have been married for 11 years. In the 1910 Census he is married to Sarah and they have been married three years. The NYS 1915 Census Edward is living with Lucius and his third wife Ann.  In the Federal 1920 Census Edward is married to Stella Williams.  Edward is the third husband of Stella. There are Wooster and Hall children living with Edward and Stella. Florence, his daughter, marries Joseph Bunnell around 1908.

Willard was born Feb. 6, 1867 and died at the age of four years, Aug. 17, 1871.  Dwight was born Nov. 22, 1871 and died Aug. 17, 1889.  They are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery.

September 22, 1888 Marie passes away.  A mention of the funeral is in the Broome Republican, October 4, 1888 issue.

Mrs Lucius Bennett Obit, Broome Republican, Oct 4 1888 (2)

According to the Elmira Gazette published October 26, 1892 Ambrosia is living with friends in Kirkwood, New York. Her friends and family cannot care for her and send her to the Almshouse in Binghamton. She doesn’t want to leave her friends, but goes with the Poormaster.  On the way to the Almshouse the horses are frightened by the automobiles and become uncontrollable. The Poormaster, Elias Lee, finally gets control and turns the horses into the Langdon Farm Yard.  By some freak accident a cherry tree branch stabs her in the temple and she dies.  The following article is quite graphic about the wound.  She is buried in Windsor Village Cemetery with her husband Philo.

Ambrosia Bennett Elmira Gazette Oct 26 1892 a (2)

December 20, 1899 Lucius marries widow Ann Dibble in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.  Ann’s first husband is James Dibble who died in 1895 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery.

Rhoda Jane marries Lafayette VanGorder in 1900.  They have three children, Leotta Mildred born Dec. 2, 1902 and twin fraternal sons, Richard and Roland born May 12, 1904.  Lafayette is a divorced man and his first wife is Della Cook. They have one son Allen VanGorder born September 11, 1886.  Rhoda and Lafayette are buried in the Virgil Cemetery.

Anna  marries Harry Bowman July 12, 1911 in Lester, New York.  Anna is Harry’s second wife. Harry is a widower and has two sons with his first wife Emma VanPatten, who died in 1909.  George born 1901 marries Nina Seward and they have three children: Harley, Byron and Emma. Harold born 1904 marries Florence Brink and have 2 children: Richard and Beverly.

Anna and Harry have four sons: Kenneth born 1913 and who passes in 1993.  Douglas (born 1914) marries Mildred Oakley. Douglas dies in Orange, Florida in 1990.  Harris (born 1916) marries Cathryna Winfield and they have three sons Gordon, Edward and Hector.  Stanley (born 1926) tragically dies in a car crash in 1947.  Anna and Harry operate the Lester Telephone Exchange.

Ann Dibble Bennett passes in 1911 and is buried with her first husband, James Dibble, in the Riverside Cemetery.  Lucius passes in 1919 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery with his wives, Jane and Maria.

Lucius Bennett’s family has been in the Broome County area since the early 1800’s.  He seems to have been a quiet man and loyal to his family.

Ancestors not to be forgotten.

Jerimiah Hess Yocum

Jerimiah Hess Yocum is the son of William Wilson Yocum and Deborah Priest Yocum.  He was born March 22, 1828 in Sugarloaf, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. William and Deborah have four children: Elijah (born 1826), Jerimiah, David Wilson (born 1830) and Margaret (born 1833).

Jerimiah may have been named after a Revolutionary War soldier Jeremiah Hess.  The Hess family have lived in the Sugarloaf area since the late 1780’s.  The Hess family, Levi Priest (Deborah’s father), Peter Yocum (William’s father) and William Wilson (Peter Yocum’s father in law) were members of the Saint Gabriel’s church in the early 1800’s. The families were also connected by the marriage of Catherine Hess to Samuel Priest (Deborah’s brother) in 1833.  They had six children: Dorothy, Levi, Hannah, Sarah, Mary, and Virginia. After Samuel died in 1850 Catherine marries James Yocum (William’s brother) in 1852 and they had three children: Martha, Lot and Daniel.

Jerimiah’s first wife is Martha S. Goodwin and they marry October 2, 1853.  Martha was born 1830 in Luzerne County. Her parents may be Daniel and Rebecca Goodwin.  Jerimiah and Martha have one child Mordecai Jackson born May 20, 1856 in Moreland, Pennsylvania. Martha passed away in November, 1860.  The Federal 1860 census (Franklin Township, Lycoming County) records Jerimiah living with the Samuel Thomas family and working as a blacksmith.  Some of the 1860 census is unreadable and cannot find where Martha and Mordecai are living.  In the 1870 census Mordecai is living with his father and second wife Julia and he is triaining to be a blacksmith.

Julia Mingle marries Jerimiah March 6, 1862. Julia was born September 17, 1845 in Moreland, Pennsylvania.  Her parents are David and Martha Farnsworth Mingle.  They have two children: Julia and John (born 1847).

Jerimiah and Julia lived all their lives in Lycoming County.  They have 11 children:  Martha (born 1862), David (born 1865), Mary Alice (born 1867), John (born 1868), William Wilson (born 1871), Elwood (born 1873), Emma (born 1877), Harry (born 1880), Herbert (born 1882), Clyde Raymond (born 1883), and Margaret (born 1887).

The names William, Elwood, Clyde, Raymond, John and Harry will be used in future generations.  William Wilson, my Great Grandfather, named his sons:  Raymond Dela (born 1890), Leslie Wilson (born 1891), Clarence William (born 1893), Elwood Ernest (born 1895), and Frederick Alvin (born 1897).  My Grandfather Raymond D. named his sons: Raymond William (born 1928), Richard Elwood (born 1933), Frederick Roland (born 1935), Clyde Nelson (born 1940) and Kenneth Albert (born 1942).

Mordecai has one son Maynard Jasper.  Mordecai and his wife Hannah Dorothy Keeler move to Waller, Columbia County. They have seven daughters: Margaret, Anna, Carrie Mae, Bessie, Julia, Bertha, and Dorothy.  Mordecai is a blacksmith and farmer.  He dies in 1939 and is buried in Waller Cemetery with his wife Hannah who died in 1949.

Jerimiah died April 21, 1890 and is buried in the Moreland Baptist Cemetery.  Julia is living with Margaret in the 1900 Federal census. Margaret was three years old when her father died.  In the 1910 Census Julia is living with Clyde.  Margaret is also living with Clyde.  She has married John Sommers and they have two sons: Austen and Herbert.

Julia passes December 21, 1915.  She is buried with Jerimiah in the Moreland Baptist Cemetery.

In most of the death certificates of Julia and Jerimiah’s children the name given for their father is Jerry Yocum.

The first photo is Jerimiah’s headstone, the second photo is Yocum lot in Moreland Baptist Cemetery and the third photo is Julia’s death certificate.

Ancestors not to be forgotten.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Tryphena Stone Harper

Tryphena is the third born of seven children.  Her parents Charles Stone, Jr.  and Polly Springs were married in the year 1782, Stockbridge, Mass.  Tryphena was born in Dedham, Mass. Sept. 15, 1787.  Her siblings were Harriett (born 1783 in New York), Lura (born 1785 in Mass.), Robert (born 1789 in New York), Jared (born 1794 in New York), Maria (born 1796 in New York)  and Sophronia (born 1799 in New York).

She was named after her grandmother Tryphena Collins Stone.  Some of her granddaughters in the generations to come will be named after her.

Charles and Polly had at one time lived in the Mohawk Valley after their marriage. But then moved back to Mass. because of Polly’s illness.  Polly would stay with her parents until 1791, after which she and Charles moved to Broome County, New York.  Tryphena was four years old when they moved to New York.

Tryphena met Oliver Harper in Chenango, New York and they married December 22, 1805.  They had 8 children: Alexander Hamilton (born 1807), George Washington (born 1809), Ruth Maria (born 1811), Charles Stone (born 1813), unnamed daughter (born 1815), Harriett (born 1816), John Marvin (born 1818), and Betsey (born 1824).

After 19 years of marriage Oliver was tragically murdered (May 24, 1824) in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania by Jason Treadwell. Many articles have been written about the circumstances and trial.  The grief Phena and the children must have felt at this sudden loss was overwhelming.  Betsey was born two months before her father died.

Oliver Harper’s will appointed John T. Doubleday as executor to the estate and Phena guardian for the five younger children, Ruth, Charles, Harriett, John and Betsey.  Alexander and George were of age and chose their mother to be their guardian.  Hopefully the land sold by Mr. Doubleday would support Phena and her children.

Phena’s next tragedy would be the death of her oldest son, Alexander.  Alexander had moved to Washington, D.C. in the 1840’s to take a position working as a file clerk.  He then moved to Mariposa, California for the gold rush in 1850. As he was moving his belongings from a flood damage area to higher grounds, he accidentally shot himself.

George and John had moved to Ontario, Canada.  George married Mary Misener and they had four children:  Tryphena, Hannah, George and Nicholas.  He remained and died in Canada in the year 1863.  Another son who Tryphena has outlived.

John moves back to New York  and marries Ruth Ann Harris around 1845. They produced seven children:  Maryette, Warren, Alexander, John, Ella, Harriet and Betsey.  John passed in 1898 in Fenton, New York.

Ruth marries William Hopkins June 11, 1835.  They have eight children: Harriett, Josephine, Oliver, William, Mary, Tryphena, Alexander and Samuel. They move to Illinois in the late 1850’s.  Ruth passes away in Oswego, Illinois in 1863. Another child Phena has outlived.

Charles may have married but cannot find documentation.  He lived with his mother and sister Betsey.  He passed away in the year 1886, Chenango, New York.

Harriett marries Joseph H. Davis Feb. 11, 1839.  They have four children: Charles, George, Jennie (Betsey) and Oliver.   In the 1910 census Harriett and Betsey are living with her daughter Jennie Davis Lee.  Harriett passes in 1910.

Betsey does not marry and lives with her mother until Tryphena passes in 1878.  Newspaper clippings have her visiting and living with her nieces and nephews.  Betsey passes in 1911.

Phena Harper Will Family Search - Broome Wills Admin, Vol 6-7

Phena Harper Will
Family Search – Broome Wills Admin, Vol 6-7

She leaves her possessions to Charles, John, and Betsey, and an additional $50.00 to be paid to her grandson Samuel A. Hopkins.  Phena specifically left her bible, gold watch and dog to Betsey.  Finding the bible would bring joy to Phena’s GG grandchildren.

An ancestor not to be forgotten.

Sadie Feiam Lee Hobbs

Sadie Feiam Lee and her husband, Louis Hobbs, lived the life of gypsies having lived in six states.

She was born March, 1881 in Binghamton, New York.  After she was born her father, Charles Lee, moved the family to Marine (Marine on St. Croix), Minnesota.  Since Charles was a Railroad Engineer and there was a lumber boom Washington County, he was able to find work.

In October,1900 she married Louis Hobbs.  Louis was from Tennessee and born in 1865.  His parents are John and Lucinda Hobbs.  In the 1900 Census both Sadie and Louis are living in Minneapolis.  She was a servant and he a factory worker.

Their first son Lloyd was born in Minneapolis,  September 11, 1901.

Leslie, the second son,  was born in St. Louis, Missouri, June 12, 1904.

In the 1905 MN Census they are back living in St. Paul, MN.  In the Census Louis and Sadie’s names are blacked out so their status and occupation are unreadable.

Then, they moved to North Dakota with other members of the Lee Family – Alice (Sadie’s sister) and her husband August Dahlquist bought a farm in Kidder County and Charles (her father) bought land also.

Louis Hobbs, Sadie & Louis’ third son,  was born in North Dakota in 1909.  There is no birth certificate recorded in North Dakota for Louis. His state of birth is found in the census.

An article in the Bismark Daily Tribune dated January 9, 1910 relates a L. J. Hobbs, a horse thief, who escaped from the Steele jail.  This is the same area the Lee, Dahlquist and Hobbs family settled.  It sounds as if Louis is a lovable scoundrel.

Horse Thief breaks Jail.

Horse Thief breaks Jail.

Sadie’s father, Charles died in 1909 and her mother, Libbie (Elizabeth),  passed February 23, 1910.  Sadie was listed as the informant on Elizabeth’s death certificate.

Louis and his family may have escaped to Georgia where their 4th son, Roy, was born January 27, 1912.  The only record found of Roy’s birth is in the 1920 US Census, when they finally settled in Kentucky.   Also an adopted daughter, Ella, is listed in the census.

It was also a sad time for them Lloyd, their eldest son, died in a mining accident February. 17, 1917.  He is buried in the Webb Cemetery in Letcher County, Kentucky.

L Lloyd Hobbs Head Stone, Webb Cemetery

The 1930 US Census has them living in Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky.  Louis, along with sons Louie and Roy, are working in the coal mines. Leslie is working on a farm.  Ella is not listed so she may have married.

Louis passed away in Letcher, Kentucky on December 11, 1937.  Roy, his son, was the informant.

Louis J Hobbs Obit,  Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 23, 1937 (2)

Louis was a widower at the time of his death. No information of Sadie’s death, date or burial can be found.

Leslie and Roy moved to Michigan and information for Louis is unreliable.

The Hobbs family had lived in Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Georgia and Kentucky.  Sadie was born in New York, Louis born in Tennessee.  The parents and  their sons were well-traveled.

Ancestors not to be forgotten.

The Children of Charles Milo Lee

Charles Milo Lee is the brother of my great grandfather Morris S. Lee.  Charles was born Jan. 30, 1847 in Chenango, New York. He is the 3rd child of Edwin and Harriet French Lee.  Edwin & Harriet had four children: Alamanson, Polly, Charles and Morris.

The Lee Family Bible lists Charles marrying Elizabeth (Libbie) VanNorwick April 24, 1870, in Broome County, New York.  Elizabeth is the daughter of Isaac and Sarah Kirby VanNorwick.  She was born Oct. 31, 1851 in Pennsylvania.

The children of Charles and Libbie have been a mystery.  In the US 1900 census Libbie has listed 7 children with 4 living. She and Charles are living in New Scandia, Washington County, Minnesota.  The children listed are Louisa, age 10 (born June, 1890), Sidney Keye, age 6 (born June, 1893), their married daughter Alice Lee Dahlquist, age 24 (born Jan. 1876), and Alice’s husband August, (born Oct. 1875).  Daughter Sadie Feiam Lee, age 18 (born March 1882), is living in St. Paul MN.  In the MN 1885 Census Alice and Sadie were born in New York.

Who are the missing children?  My husband and I traveled to Stillwater MN the county seat of Washington County. The Stillwater Library’s Genealogy Section has an index of the burials in the Oakland Cemetery, Marine on St. Croix, MN.  The index listed Laverne June Lee daughter of Charles Lee died 18 Sept. 1902, aged 12 years, 2 months and 24 days.  Also listed was Edwin Lee, Charles and Morris’ father.  What a find!!  He died April 14, 1892, age 76 years, 3 mos and 4 days. As a  side note, the family knew Edwin had moved to MN with Charles, but did not know his death date.

Stillwater Library Oakland Cemetery Index

When we visited the Marine on St. Croix (formerly Marine Mills) City Hall, the City Clerk brought out a map of the Oakland Cemetery plots.  Charles’ plot had the names  Edwin Lee, Edwin Charles Lee and daughter of Charles Lee.

Louise is listed as Hady/Hedy Louise in the MN 1895 Census and in the US 1900 Census her birth date is June 1890. From the Cemetery Index Laverne June was born June 25, 1890.  So I’m going to assume they are twins.

Cemetery Plot for Chas Lee Oakland Cemetery0002

So two children have been found – Charles Edwin, who was born in 1885 and Laverne June maybe twin sister of Hady Louise. Louise could be buried in the cemetery with Laverne – just not sure.  She is not mentioned in Charles will when he died in 1909 – only Alice, Sadie, and Sidney are listed heirs.

My cousin Terry Lee and his wife Alice had taken a whole group of us to the Glen Castle Cemetery to take pictures of the headstones of the Lee Family.  There is a small headstone Jennie A daughter of Chas M & Libbie Lee. Born 1873 and died age 2 years.  The seventh child finally found.


Jennie A Lee, Alice Lee, Sadie Feiam Lee, Edwin Charles Lee,  Hady Louise & June Laverne Lee, and Sidney K Lee are the seven children of Charles and Libbie Lee.

Ancestors not to be forgotten.

George Washington Harper

George was born Feb 10 1809.  He was the second son of Oliver and Phena Stone Harper.  He could be named after his grandfather, Judge George Harper,  who fought in the American Revolution or out of respect for the first President George Washington.

George was 15 years old when his father was murdered in 1824.  He and Alexander H (his brother) were listed as of age and stated their mother Phena Harper would be their guardian.

Alexander had moved to California and accidently shot himself while moving from one camp site to a higher camp site to avoid rains.  In Alexander Hamilton’s probate papers (1852-1854) George and John, another brother, were listed as living in Canada.

The reason he moved to London, Ontario, Canada is not known.  In the City of London Directory (1856-1857) he is listed as an “agent for the exchange buildings.”  His office was on Burwell and Bathurst Streets. In the Canadian 1861 Census his occupation is listed as Gentlemen.

He met Mary Misener. They married Oct 29, 1843 in Elgin, Ontario, Canada. Mary was the daughter of Richard and Hannah Cozzard Misener. She was born Sept 18, 1825 in St. Thomas, Ontario. George and Mary were the parents of 4 children, Mary Tryphena, Hannah Cornelia, George Hamilton, and Nicholas Misener.

George and Mary’s children, spouses and children, are as follows:

Mary (born 1846) married Phineas H Clark and they had 5 children – Louisa, Emily, Cecil, Harold and William.

Hannah (1849-1929) married twice – her first marriage was to Charles Whitehead and they had 2 children George & Hattie. Her second marriage was to William Walker and they had one daughter Alice.

George Hamilton (1852-1946) was also married twice – his first marriage was to Alice Tidey and they had 4 children Mary, Norma, John and George Hamilton. His second wife was Emily Mackenzie and they had no children.

Nicholas (1855-1936) was married twice also – his first wife was Minnie Fleming and they had five children Alice, Hattie, Laura, Ethel and Thomas. His second wife was Mary Page and they had no children.

Sadly George W Harper passed away Aug 30 1863 and is buried in Mount Cemetery, Ontario. Mary had lived with her children off and on throughout the years until she passed in 1905.

An Ancestor not to be Forgotten.

ONMID12701-C463-CanadaGenWeb-Cemetery-Ontario-Middlesex George W & Mary M Harper

Alexander Hamilton Harper

Alexander Hamilton Harper  was born Jan 29 1807 in Windsor,  New York. He is the oldest son of Oliver and Phena Stone Harper.   His parents must have admired Alexander Hamilton to name their son after him.  Alexander Hamilton was a brilliant man – he served under George Washington in the American Revolution, was the first Secretary of Treasury in Washington’s cabinet and was a leader in the Federalist Party.  In 1804  Alexander Hamilton fought in a duel with Aaron Burr and was mortally wounded.  If there is a relationship between the Harper’s and Hamilton’s I haven’t found it yet.

When Alexander was 17 years old he became the “man of the house.”  His father Oliver was murdered near Montrose, PA on his way home from selling lumber in Philadelphia. There have been many articles and speculation about the murderer, Jason Treadwell.  The ordeal was quite a shock to the family.  And Alexander’s grandfather Judge George Harper and his uncle George Harper Jr were in Montrose frequently to monitor the investigation.  Jason Treadwell was hung and is buried in Newman Cemetery .

At the age of 26 Alexander was appointed as the US Postmaster for New South Berlin, NY.  It was a position that paid him $300 a year.  His next position was in Washington, DC as a clerk from 1843-1845. He had written a letter to his mother in Nov 1844 hoping to come home and visit her.  In this letter he had mentioned,  “There is no probability that I shall ever be so fortunate as to get a good wife again, or so unfortunate as to get a bad one at all.”  He had attended a wedding in Philadelphia so memories must have been a bittersweet moment happy for the couple and remembering his wife. He also wrote in the letter to his mother the following:

I expect the rest of my life will be like the wandering Jew-condemned to wander the remainder of days, a sort of an isolated being, deprived of all the social engagements of life, living perhaps in a kind of negative state of happenings, until I completely rust out and die unlamented, and of course soon forgotten.

Then in 1850 he died in Mariposa, California at the age of 43.  In his mother’s bible she or someone had written he had accidentally shot himself.  Mariposa was a mining camp near the creek Aqua Fria.  In the winter of 1849/1850 there was a flood and fires, so he endured many hardships.  Mariposa was relocated to another location after the flooding.  Maybe during the move he became careless. Alexander’s probate papers, which were filed in New York City,  provided information to fill in some of the gaps of his life.

There are two pages I am attaching to this blog. The first page is from Clarissa Babcock claiming the estate owes her money for care of Alexander’s wife and baby. It gave dates of the care and was a bonus in finding Alexander’s wife Susan.  She is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, New South Berlin.  She died March 9, 1838 and was born June 2, 1819.  A very young 18 years when she died.  As for the baby I could find no record. The statement in his letter to his mother about finding another wife (good or bad) is now explained.  The claim was later denied by Phena. Mrs. Babcock was claiming care for  Susan in 1844, although she passed in 1838. So of course the claim was denied. New York Probate Records 1629 1971 New York Decrees 1828 1865 Bundle 73 73 Image 339 1195 AH Harper

The second page is a listing of his possessions when he died.  The authorities were shipping the items to the attorney Caleb S Butts, but were never received.  The money in his wallet ($103.07) was used to pay for his funeral expenses.  It seems he was well prepared for his adventure in
California.  Proper bedding, gun and clothes.

New York Probate Records 1629 1971 New York Decrees 1828 1865 Bundle 73 73 Image 350 1195 AH Harper

Alexander Hamilton Harper is an ancestor who will now not be forgotten.